Adding a Server
Use Menu->Add Server to enter the add server screen. You have to enter at least the profile name and an address. Everything can be left blank and will be filled in automatically using the defaults set in Settings->Server Settings. (Interactive Example | Static Image)

Connecting to a Server
Tap on the server's name to start connecting.

Autosuggest nicks
Type part of a nickname and press search. If there is only one matching nick, it will fill it in for you, otherwise you can select the nick you want from the scrollable list that pops up. You can use the UserList for a full list of name.

Using scrollback
Move the trackball up or down to navigate saved scrollback. Use /cs to clear scrollback.

Changing window
Click the window tab at the top of the screen to change to that window.

Close a window
Long press the tab and select Close from the context menu or use /wc. You can close all windows with the -a switch. (Status window cannot be closed)

Switching between Servers
Use the volume keys to switch up and down between active servers. Or back to the main window and select the server you want to open.

Filtering Servers
You can filter between Servers by typing in the Server label while in the Server list and between Active/Inactive Servers by using Menu->Filter.

Using autorun
Autorun supports all the commands supported by the app internally. E.g. um +i will automatically send MODE nick +i on connect.
You can also use $nick as a placeholder for the nickname on the server and it will replace it with your current nickname before sending the command.