Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been added due to new Google Play requirements.


Information is only used as you would expect an IRC client to use it. Data backups and chat logs are optional features and you are responsible for keeping those secure.

Long version

Privacy is important to me and therefore, your information is treated the same way I would want my information treated.

AndChat uses the information you provide only in a way that would be reasonably expected from an IRC client, e.g, using server passwords you provide only for authenticating with the IRC server.

AndChat provides users with the optional ability to backup their data (including, but not limited to, details of server profiles, preferences and encryption information) locally. Also provided is the optional ability to save messages sent and received (i.e. chat logs) locally.

As both pieces of information are stored locally when enabled and within an easily accessible location for convenience reasons (normally external storage/net.andchat folder), the user is responsible for keeping this information secure.

Apart from this, information you provide is not used for any other purpose, is not transmitted, transferred, copied or made available to any other 3rd party.


AndChat uses a number of permissions, explained below: