Some networks such as Freenode require users to be authenticated with SASL, typically when they are connecting over their carrier's network. AndChat supports SASL authentication without requiring extensive effort on part of the user.

You must first register with the network, using another connection type, e.g. WiFi. Once registered with the network (via nickserv, etc), set up a new server profile as usual, tap the "Set up..." button next to "Authentication", and enter the details there.

Save the profile with the changes and SASL authentication will be automatically negotiated if supported by the server.

Pausing between autorun commands
You can pause execution of commands in the autorun field by adding this: sleep delay-in-ms, e.g. sleep 500 to pause for half a second.

This will make execution pause for half a second to allow previous commands to be processed before any more commands are sent, such as joining a private channel, etc.
Using this as the last autorun command will pause the execution of the autojoin list.

An important note: AndChat doesn't check the delay value, so if you set it to sleep for 1 hour, that is what it will do.

Use of $nick in autorun field
You can use $nick in the autorun field as a placeholder for whatever nick is used to log in to the server.